30 October, 2011

Its a long long time since my last post. So many things happened. So I hope I will have a lot to post from now on. This Sukkos we went to spend by a family upstate NY, everyone talks about there and I was very curious to know what is so special about there. So I'm not sure what is special but is a beautiful place and very calm, I liked a lot and I hope to go back in the near future.
Ok so the family had cats THREE of them, its great because Zeev is very allergic so he spend 95% of his time sneezing and the other 5% eating, heping me, davening, sleeping(?),...
But the kids Boruch Hashem are not allergic and LOVED the cats. It was funny to see the difference between them, Mendel likes to see them and get very close but if the cat moves he freaks out, Devora also likes to get close but still is very afraid of them but Rivka went to touch and hug them, she was not afraid at all. Its interesting to see how different they react.
This cats were also my life saver if Mendel didn't want to do something I said I would tell the cats or if he wanted to do something wrong the same thing, he would do anything so I could give the cats a good report of him :)
I hope you enjoyed your holidays!