20 November, 2011

Trusting Hashem

Unfortunately lately I've being reading a lot about child molestation. Not that this subject interest me but its kind of following me. This is something horrible and this sick people are out there in all kinds of garments(clothes). Teachers, friends, relatives, religious, atheist, fat, skinny u name it. Also other things are happening in my life that got me thinking how much can we protect our kids?
Its scary to think that our little and vulnerable angels can't be secured by us all the time. We can do the best of our power, and for that we have to be aware of bad things that happens in the world, we have to learn and to do research, teach our kids and don't be embarrassed, be their friends so they can come to us when needed, have rules, watch them, and many more things. But there is a limit of how much we can do, and when we reach this limit is time to pray and trust G-d. Making it clear I'm not saying leave up to G-d and he will save us, I said to do ALL its possible and ALSO pray. I can't imagine how scary it is to be a parent when someone don't have that trust. I know its hard but we have to know that all things come from G-d and He's protecting us and our little angels.
So as bad this world can be, and as scary it is to raise kids in it, we have Hashem and when we turn to Him we can see a light in the end of the tunnel.
May no one have to deal with any difficult situation anymore :)


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