30 April, 2012

I'm back :)

I don't post for so long, and so much happened since then. We moved and opened our shul in our new place :) (check https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/JRLC-of-South-Beach/164504393655411)

Things are being great thank G-d, I'm not saying that its being easy but it feels great to do what we always wanted to do. With every new goal there are challenges, and we are facing many, specially money wise, but I can see Hashem brochos(blessings) in our work, thanks to Him we are getting great results. I can't compare our 4 months old shul to the ones that we know, some of them are 10-20 years old, a lot of things comes with time. But it all depends how we look at things, if we have a positive approach even the challenges appear to be good to us.This is not a easy task, but many times I am able to see how people look at the same picture differently and it all depends on how we look at it.

Just last week I spoke to 2 different friends about something, they were describing a place and it was amazing to see how the description was different, they were talking about the same place but one person told me how beautiful it is, how big, and many more complements, meanwhile the other told me it is a old place, ugly, falling apart. I happened to know the place and I was so shocked with the second person description, how can someone only see the negative? I'm thinking about this for the last few days and this is what brought me back to this blog.

Life can be beautiful, it all depends how we look at it, we all have difficulties in our ways. I love this story that a yeshiva student went to talk to the Rebbe MHM about his problems, how hard everything was and our Rebbe MHM answered 'When did u sign a contract with G-d that life will be easy?'(I'm not quoting the exact words, as i don't remember). This phrase is so powerful! Human nature wants to get all good without hard work, but this doesn't exist. Yes life is hard and when we accept this as an fact, it is so much easier to have a positive view and to enjoy it.
Don't expect to live in la-la land and have all the fairy tales things, we will have many challenges in our life but if we see them as blocks that are helping us build a big future makes all the difference. Difficulties is what makes us grow and from this experiences we can take lessons that will help us for next times. If we have a positive view and focus on the good it will be much easier to live our lives.


  1. So glad I inspired you!! Blogging is an awesome creative outlet and a great way to meet other likeminded people ;).
    Have a great week!

  2. Nice blog. Now you just need to convince my wife to blog.


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