30 August, 2011



This is a hard subject. There is tons of information for the pro and the anti sides. I'm not here to advocate for any side because I'm myself not sure which side I am. I gave my 3 kids vaccines 2 weeks ago and it gave them very bad reaction. They were sick for 10 days. I can't for sure blame the vaccine but my mother feeling tells me that their body didn't react good to it.
This last weeks were basically impossible. I'm not sure how I managed but I'm happy it is over. Also thanks to the best hubby and amazing siblings that came to visit :)
When I was pregnant with my first son I started reading material anti vaccine, I read pro vaccine also but majority was anti. And I decided I would not give him vaccines, well he was born and things changed, I wasn't so sure anymore. When he was 6 months he got his first shoot. After speaking to my cousin(that I really thrust and he's a pediatrician) I decided to give him. He always reacted good. My girls had fever always after vaccines but it would pass in 12 hours. This time was very different: all 3 with fever, cranky, upset stomach for almost 10 days. I don't think it was all from the vaccines but because their body was fighting the vaccine it got open for other infections.
It got me thinking that we as parents have to make decisions that will affect our kids lives forever. Some decisions we even don't think but others its so hard to choose. We will never know if we are doing the right thing. I guess we have to do our part and daven and Hashem will do his part. Its very hard when we realize we can't control everything that happen to our kids and I'm sure as they grown older the less I will control. But if we give a good foundation when they grow up they will be able to make their own decisions and hopefully the decisions we would have made for them or even better ones :)

14 August, 2011

Before and After kids

I think is so funny how people without kids or with 1 child don't understand me. But I was like them I thought my kids would be quite and the best behaved in the world. Guess what they are KIDS and I'm happy they act like that. My mom was telling me about how her friend grandkids are so well behave, they are quiet, they don't make mess, they ask(2 yo) everything and in a way I was jealous but really I'm not because I believe kids should act as kids. I know my kids are very energetic and they could be a little more behaved but I am glad they are enjoying their childhood.

Before we become parents we are the best parents in the world, we know how to raise kids better than anyone as soon as our baby is born we become like all other parents we don't know anything.
Parenthood is one of the hardest things to do and there is no right or wrong as long as what we are doing is not dangerous we are the best ones to make decisions.
Also to have one baby or kids very far apart is very different to have lots of kids close together and I think to have twins is a unique experience. No one will ever understand what it is until they will live it. I had all planned how I would raise my kids and guess what most of my plans were 100% undoable. I don't think I'm the best mother in the world but I think I'm doing my best and so far I'm happy with the outcome.
I learned to don't judge other and that having kids is exhausting but the best thing ever :)

Picture taken for this blog. She's just amazing :)