27 June, 2011

Huricane Kushnirsky

I got some suggestion and I will change a little my style, from now on I will talk direct with you.
Today we had a huricane over, see photos below so you will understand what I mean.
My son is in vacation aka I'm going crazy ;)
First I was trying to talk to my mom in skype so I let them play with the tissue box. This mean my floor became white, it looked cute, reminded me of snow in this boiling weather, or this what I say to excuse myself.
After my son decide to color his puzzle and the table. No paper is not fun 0.0
I forgot the gate open so they went upstairs and it was quiet, after couple quiet minutes I had to check what was going on. The 3 of them were in the bathroom playing with the toilet, the toilet paper and the newspaper we keep there. I didn't took a pic but my bathroom looked like the living room.
I can't complain BH my kids are very healthy and have tons of energy.
What do you do when your kids make a lot of mess?



  1. adorei o blog!! critativo, bonito e bem escrito! a historia do elmo me emocionou. continue! mami

  2. I Agree!! love it!