29 June, 2011

Booboo lesson

Today my daughter got hurt, nothing major just a cut. But it didn't stop bleeding, she was very good about it, she didn't cry.
This reminds me when I would see kids getting hurt and freak out. Not that I am scared of blood but because normally with the booboo come tons of crying this was something I was afraid of.
When my son was 6 months we were spending Sukkos by our shul, they had a high table with very high chairs. One boy(2yo) was playing with the chairs and he fell, all I remember is that there was a lot(I really mean a lot) of blood coming out of his mouth and he didn't stopped crying. The mother took him and washed the blood off but it was still coming out. I think it took 10 minutes for the boy to calm down and the bleeding stop. I was looking in awe and I asked her how could she keep so calm. She said when you have kids you learn to deal with it. This saying kept in my mind at the time I though I would never be able to do this.
Past forward almost 2 years I think I became that mom. My kids fall and get hurt so often that I'm totally used and calm with it. I learned how much more calm I am this is how they will be. Couple of months ago my sister in law called me saying she took her daughter to the hospital because she fell of her high chair. I was totally amazed, like kids fall all the time I told her. Now writing this I see how much I learned, when the boy got hurt I thought the mother should take him to the hospital and now I though my sister in law was crazy for doing so.
This is the good thing about motherhood we can learn and grow everyday and our kids are patient enough to let us, I think they don't even notice we are still learning. I think the way we react is the way they will learn to react for life. Everything we say and do are lessons for them, so I hope I can teach my kids that we must always keep calm and know that Hashem is watching and guarding us.

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