24 June, 2011

It makes all worth it

Yesterday my son did one of the cutest things ever. I speak with my kids in Portuguese and love is 'amo'. We were in the car coming back from his 'graduation'. He goes to daycare(he's 2yo) and the teacher made a little graduation where they sang some songs it was very cute.
So coming back to the car he was saying 'elmo mommy', 'elmo mommy'. Normally when he says a word he says mommy in the end and I have to repeat what he said, he will say over and over until I say the word he said(sometimes takes a while). He doesn't watch TV so I was thinking where does he know Elmo from.
Me: who is elmo
Mendel: noooo elmo mommy
Me: elmo?
Mendel: noooo elmo mommy
This conversation repeated 6 more times until I FINALLY got it.
Me: amo?
Mendel: yeahh amo mommy
It was soooooo cute I can't describe. He was saying he loves me :)
This teach me a lesson. I was all upset trying to figure out how does he knows elmo, who is teaching him this. So we have to judge everyone favorably. He was saying he loves me and I was worried with something else that took me so long to receive his love declaration lol
Let's be an open vessel to get the good things Hashem gives us :)

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