23 June, 2011

Good morning

One of the ways I get some minutes more of sleep in the morning is to put them in the high chair, give cheerios and put uncle moyshe(or whatver dvd they want).
The problem is someday takes 15 min for them to agree on ONE dvd to watch. Or one wants cheerios the other dry fruits the other yogurt...oh wait now all of them want yogurt. Water, ok sipcups for them.
 I lie down for more 5 min and mendel sossy fell in the floor. Ok sossys on, finally little more sleep. Oh it feels so good to have a quiet moment. Quiet? Is Rivka crying? No she will stop but it gets louder. Ok I will go check. Oh her cheerios finished. More cheerios, of course the other 2 also want more(even that they have plenty in their chairs).
Ok its quiet. Oh great the dvd finished. I give up! I think 5 hours of sleep was enough and its time to entertain the little ones.

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