29 June, 2011

Booboo lesson

Today my daughter got hurt, nothing major just a cut. But it didn't stop bleeding, she was very good about it, she didn't cry.
This reminds me when I would see kids getting hurt and freak out. Not that I am scared of blood but because normally with the booboo come tons of crying this was something I was afraid of.
When my son was 6 months we were spending Sukkos by our shul, they had a high table with very high chairs. One boy(2yo) was playing with the chairs and he fell, all I remember is that there was a lot(I really mean a lot) of blood coming out of his mouth and he didn't stopped crying. The mother took him and washed the blood off but it was still coming out. I think it took 10 minutes for the boy to calm down and the bleeding stop. I was looking in awe and I asked her how could she keep so calm. She said when you have kids you learn to deal with it. This saying kept in my mind at the time I though I would never be able to do this.
Past forward almost 2 years I think I became that mom. My kids fall and get hurt so often that I'm totally used and calm with it. I learned how much more calm I am this is how they will be. Couple of months ago my sister in law called me saying she took her daughter to the hospital because she fell of her high chair. I was totally amazed, like kids fall all the time I told her. Now writing this I see how much I learned, when the boy got hurt I thought the mother should take him to the hospital and now I though my sister in law was crazy for doing so.
This is the good thing about motherhood we can learn and grow everyday and our kids are patient enough to let us, I think they don't even notice we are still learning. I think the way we react is the way they will learn to react for life. Everything we say and do are lessons for them, so I hope I can teach my kids that we must always keep calm and know that Hashem is watching and guarding us.

28 June, 2011

Craz but the best

Today was a crazy day. I'm trying to get used to the fact that my son is on vacation, I think when I will get used he will be back to school(only 3 more days lol).
But its during this crazy days that I get to appreciate the wonderful moments of motherhood. They are so little but give me so much proud. My daughter have this new game that one sit on the car and the other pushes her around the house. It's the cutest thing ever!
My son likes to be the big brother, he's always offering them things and taking care of them. They play/fight together all the time. Normally if I leave them alone they get along more, but this mean they get together to make more mess, so I try to balance between mess-wanting mommy.
They are growing up so fast and when I stop to think it scares me, little more than 2 years ago my life was soooo different, I could say I was happy but the joy they brought to my life is indescribable
Its hard to notice this between all the craziness here but they are the most amazing thing ever, this is a note to self: enjoy more your little treasures :)

27 June, 2011

Huricane Kushnirsky

I got some suggestion and I will change a little my style, from now on I will talk direct with you.
Today we had a huricane over, see photos below so you will understand what I mean.
My son is in vacation aka I'm going crazy ;)
First I was trying to talk to my mom in skype so I let them play with the tissue box. This mean my floor became white, it looked cute, reminded me of snow in this boiling weather, or this what I say to excuse myself.
After my son decide to color his puzzle and the table. No paper is not fun 0.0
I forgot the gate open so they went upstairs and it was quiet, after couple quiet minutes I had to check what was going on. The 3 of them were in the bathroom playing with the toilet, the toilet paper and the newspaper we keep there. I didn't took a pic but my bathroom looked like the living room.
I can't complain BH my kids are very healthy and have tons of energy.
What do you do when your kids make a lot of mess?


26 June, 2011

Sleep time adventure

Sleep time at my house is always an adventure. Could be a short one(5 min) or a long one(3 hours, yes THREE).
So here is an example of yesterdays night fun. We put the girls down but rivka was very upset so she was crying a lot. I'm against cio, not that they never cry but at some point I will pick them up. This point is very correlated to my level of patience left for the day(less patient more time they will cry). Shabbos is always a hard day, oh how I miss unlce moyshe :) also to try to have a 4 hrs shabbos meal with 3 kids under 2 is very fun 0.0
So I let her cry for a little, it didn't work so I went to the room to take her. Thanks to my cute screaming son it wasn't so easy to calm her down. BH after 15 min of rocking her she fell asleep.
Mendel was so hyper specially from all the nash I let him have so I can stay a little longer entertaining my guests.
So now Devora woke up screaming ok more rocking time.
When I put her down Rivka wakes up again. So I take her down and I will put her back to sleep when I will put mendel.
1 hour later its bed time for mendel, he's not happy with it so he goes screaming to the room what wakes up Devora. Now the 3 of them r crying.
I leave the room, take a deep breath(bite something sweet, maybe this is why I can't keep a healthy diet) and go back in. So I have to choose which baby to hold, I try Rivka but Devora got soooo upset so after 10 min I changed.
I go from one baby to another for more 20 when Rivka finally falls asleep so I can focus in Devora. At this point Mendel is not crying anymore but he decides to play with Devora.
I put her down so she will not get hyper and finally after 10 min she's sleeping.
Now its mendels turn. I don't know how long took him to sleep but I woke up after 30 min and all 3 r sleeping.
Such an amazing feeling I can't even describe.

PS: not every night is like this

24 June, 2011

It makes all worth it

Yesterday my son did one of the cutest things ever. I speak with my kids in Portuguese and love is 'amo'. We were in the car coming back from his 'graduation'. He goes to daycare(he's 2yo) and the teacher made a little graduation where they sang some songs it was very cute.
So coming back to the car he was saying 'elmo mommy', 'elmo mommy'. Normally when he says a word he says mommy in the end and I have to repeat what he said, he will say over and over until I say the word he said(sometimes takes a while). He doesn't watch TV so I was thinking where does he know Elmo from.
Me: who is elmo
Mendel: noooo elmo mommy
Me: elmo?
Mendel: noooo elmo mommy
This conversation repeated 6 more times until I FINALLY got it.
Me: amo?
Mendel: yeahh amo mommy
It was soooooo cute I can't describe. He was saying he loves me :)
This teach me a lesson. I was all upset trying to figure out how does he knows elmo, who is teaching him this. So we have to judge everyone favorably. He was saying he loves me and I was worried with something else that took me so long to receive his love declaration lol
Let's be an open vessel to get the good things Hashem gives us :)

23 June, 2011

Good morning

One of the ways I get some minutes more of sleep in the morning is to put them in the high chair, give cheerios and put uncle moyshe(or whatver dvd they want).
The problem is someday takes 15 min for them to agree on ONE dvd to watch. Or one wants cheerios the other dry fruits the other yogurt...oh wait now all of them want yogurt. Water, ok sipcups for them.
 I lie down for more 5 min and mendel sossy fell in the floor. Ok sossys on, finally little more sleep. Oh it feels so good to have a quiet moment. Quiet? Is Rivka crying? No she will stop but it gets louder. Ok I will go check. Oh her cheerios finished. More cheerios, of course the other 2 also want more(even that they have plenty in their chairs).
Ok its quiet. Oh great the dvd finished. I give up! I think 5 hours of sleep was enough and its time to entertain the little ones.

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