26 June, 2011

Sleep time adventure

Sleep time at my house is always an adventure. Could be a short one(5 min) or a long one(3 hours, yes THREE).
So here is an example of yesterdays night fun. We put the girls down but rivka was very upset so she was crying a lot. I'm against cio, not that they never cry but at some point I will pick them up. This point is very correlated to my level of patience left for the day(less patient more time they will cry). Shabbos is always a hard day, oh how I miss unlce moyshe :) also to try to have a 4 hrs shabbos meal with 3 kids under 2 is very fun 0.0
So I let her cry for a little, it didn't work so I went to the room to take her. Thanks to my cute screaming son it wasn't so easy to calm her down. BH after 15 min of rocking her she fell asleep.
Mendel was so hyper specially from all the nash I let him have so I can stay a little longer entertaining my guests.
So now Devora woke up screaming ok more rocking time.
When I put her down Rivka wakes up again. So I take her down and I will put her back to sleep when I will put mendel.
1 hour later its bed time for mendel, he's not happy with it so he goes screaming to the room what wakes up Devora. Now the 3 of them r crying.
I leave the room, take a deep breath(bite something sweet, maybe this is why I can't keep a healthy diet) and go back in. So I have to choose which baby to hold, I try Rivka but Devora got soooo upset so after 10 min I changed.
I go from one baby to another for more 20 when Rivka finally falls asleep so I can focus in Devora. At this point Mendel is not crying anymore but he decides to play with Devora.
I put her down so she will not get hyper and finally after 10 min she's sleeping.
Now its mendels turn. I don't know how long took him to sleep but I woke up after 30 min and all 3 r sleeping.
Such an amazing feeling I can't even describe.

PS: not every night is like this

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