03 December, 2011

Kids and Kabbalah

I love how by the age of 18m kids start understanding Kabbalah. Ok I think my phrase above needs an explanation.
Do you notice when at this age you say no they her 'keep doing' or 'do it again'?
It happens with me very often, my girls climb on the table I say 'no' they will climb again. Or they throw food out of the high chair if I say 'no' they will throw the whole pate and laugh, I think you got the image.
So Kabbalah teaches us that there is no bad in this world. Whatever Hashem does to us is good, maybe our limited mind can't see the good at the moment but He knows what is best for us. So sometimes we get 'hidden brochos', things looks like they are not good but this is how it looks after some time we see how all that was a brocho.
So going back to my kids, they grasped this concept and when I say 'no' they see only good and understand the opposite.

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  1. I love what your wrote here! I never saw your blog before so thanks so much for stopping by and entering the shoe contest! I'm so happy to meet another frum blogger. I think I'm going to like this place ;)

    Have a wonderful Shabbos!