13 May, 2012

Mother's day

Today is Mother's day, I normally don't go by this dates, specially because in the Torah vision mother should be respected every day, if we would do what we are required to our parents, they would feel like is mothers day all the time.
I first want to dedicate this post to the best mother in the whole world, and I'm totally serious she's an amazing mother, and I'm very lucky because she's my MOM :)

She's the most selfless person I ever met, she gave herself to me and my siblings completely, and she still does. She's my biggest example what a mother should be, I'm very happy to have her as a mother and I hope to be like her for my kids.
In a lot of places people are talking about the latest Time cover that shows a mother that is 26yo breastfeeding her son(3yo), and it says 'Are you mom enough?'  This is a very shocking cover, I guess this is what they wanted to have, I didn't read the article but I know is talking about Attachment Parenting(AP). I can't say I'm a totally AP mother, but I like a lot their philosophy, I believe the best way to raise kids is showering them with love and I think this way because this is the way I was raised and I'm very happy how I and my siblings are now :)

I believe nurturing your kids, dedicating yourself to them is the best thing we can do, I'm not saying we should forget ourselves, but specially when kids are little we will have to give up a lot of things for them, and its totally worth it.
AP doesn't equal no discipline, and really the kids from parents I know that follow this way are very well behaved, kids are kids and will be kids, we have to know what to expect from each age. I think a big problem is when parents expect kids to be adults, specially our days this happens a lot, when I see this it saddens me, childhood is such a beautiful phase and taking this away from our kids is the worst thing we can do for them.
I'm not saying AP is for everyone, even I don't follow everything on it. Each person is different, like everything is life I don't believe in a fit all solution, but I'm sharing what I believe for me and my family is the best way.

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