08 September, 2011

Coconut chocolate cake

The other night I had some free time(what lately is a miracle) so I decided to bake a cake. My friend posted the recipe on her facebook wall last Thursday and sounded so delicious that I decided to make it. 

I'm not a professional but it was definitely delicious. When I was baking I was thinking of how I used to bake cakes for Shabbos before I had kids and how life has changed since then.
Its very rare that I have free time or even time to cook now and for sure I miss that, but the joy the kids brought to my life is indescribable.
This cake had a lot of steps and I was thinking if was worth doing all that, it made tons of dirty dishes. There are one bowl cakes, or even (my favourite) box cakes but I wanted to try this new recipe. After I tasted the first bite I knew for sure that the work I had to put into was worth it, the same applies to my life, now its hard work but I can't imagine having it other way :)


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