11 July, 2011

Becoming A Mom

'Seriously, moms of multiples, I don’t know how you all do it. I suppose along with the double drama and double tantrums and double sleeping trouble, come double the first smiles and laughs and kisses and that makes it all worth it.

Of course, it makes it all worth it.

I just hope you’re having double the drinks at cocktail time. You’ve certainly earned them.'

From Scary Mommy blog.

This is a part of her post but it got me thinking. For sure having twins is one of the biggest challenges I've faced but it is all worth it. I'm so happy having my little girls, they are so yummy, cute, funny, adorable and everything else you can think of.
I think that Hashem knows what each one can deal with even that we might disagree.
One we have a baby life changes completely but after I had my girls life changed more than completely. It was and it is challenging. We had to adapt, in the beginning it was harder but I was reading another post from a friend of mine and she said her colic baby made her a mom bc her first was so easy and she feels now she's really a mom. I could totally relate, mendel made me a mom but the girls really made me A MOM.
When got to the point that me and my husband accepted our life from now on will be different, we will have to give up of a lot of things for the kids it made easier to deal with.
My parents are the most selfless person I know, they gave themselves totally to me and my siblings. And if I can do a little of what they did I will be happy. Its an amazing feeling to be able to do so much for a life, I think this is the real motherhood feeling. And how much more I do more I love them.
In jewish view love is defined: how much more you give more you will love. I can't agree more. I love my kids more than everything but I never did so much for anyone(including myself).
So I have to thank my kids a lot for letting me grow so much and became not only A mom but a person that is able to feel real love. Mendel, Rivkale and Devorichka: thank you :)

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