31 July, 2011

I was very sick this week, I had strep now thank G-d I'm back to normal but this experience showed me how the saying hakeres habays(foundation of the home) is sooo right. My wonderful husband helped me a lot, more than what I expected and he did an amazing job but he's not a woman. Thank you taty :) 
Little things that a men would never notice he didn't do. They r not important things but they make a difference for me and I was thinking that really the house is made of all this little details. We as woman have a natural instinct(some more other less, I would say I have a very little: I'm not good with decoration, I'm not in fashion, I don't match all my furniture,....)but that makes us the house maker. The house is part of me and I didn't know how much part of me it was until now. 
Meanwhile I was lying in bed I was worried he would do a good job with the kids and WITH THE HOUSE, the day that I was a little better I went to organize the house again and that was such a good feeling. My kids weren't sick BH but they were a little cranky, I guess when mom is not ok everyone feels. They knew something was wrong its funny that they are so little but they grasp much more than we think. 
So I am the foundation of my house. This is a big responsibility and I thought I had enough things to do now I just got a new function :) really this was always my function I think now I'm just more aware of this. I hope with this new discovery I will have more strength to do what I have to do. 

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