20 July, 2011

Its hot

One of the hardest things for me to get used when I moved to Brooklyn was the weather. I come from a warm country, there 10 months a year is hot(not so humid) and the 2 months that supposedly is cold the temperature is around 10C-20C, when its around 10C or lower is a very cold day (it happens twice maybe the whole winter). And here I am in Brooklyn where is the opposite, the winter is so long and cold, and the short very short summer is so hot and humid. 
But even being very short and humid and hot its summer yey! Its time to spend as much as time possible outside because soon the winter will come. I know there is fall and spring also but for a brazilian this is also winter. What I don't get is that I hear a lot of americans and russians(I live surrounded by them) complain that its too hot! Cmom we only have a few hot days in the whole year and they lock themselves in their houses with their ac units working on high 0.0
I know the weather is not so comfortable, but everything is so much better when is a beautiful day, people mood are better(maybe because that brazilians are happier and less stressful?). 
There is no right or wrong, each one do what they like better, I'm not trying to say my opinion is the right one but this is something that amazes me every summer and shows the difference of cultures. I can't get how people go out during very cold days during the winter but now that is warm they lock themselves at home. I feel funny that I do exactly the opposite. 
And you? What do you prefer hot or cold weather?   

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  1. Ok I forgot here has also this crazy days when it is really dangerous to be ourside for too long. Today is one of this days, its crazy hot and humid outside. Oh why I ever left the Tropical weather?????v


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