05 July, 2011

Gimel Tamuz

Here I am rocking my little princess to sleep. She's a little sick so she being waking up often. I'm very tired, I want to go to sleep, really I was almost falling asleep when she started crying, I waited to see if she would stop...she didn't like the other 4 times. I'm thinking I can't do it, I have no energy, really I have no choice. I get up take her and rock her, she's so precious, she relax and fall asleep again.
This made me think about my life. There is times that I feel I can't go further, its too much, I ask Hashem stop pushing me. But He doesn't stop, so without a choice I have to find some energy that I even didn't know existed. And its a good feeling to know we are stronger than we thought.
Today is Gimel Tamuz, its the day our Rebbe concealed himself from us. And we thought we couldn't go further, we had no more energy. But the energy the Rebbe installed on us is so strong that we kept going, and we will as long as necessary. It was much easier to be able to see him, to live with him, to have him, but something its the difficult situations that makes us stronger. And specially because we know he's watching over us, helping us so we can continue. We might not understand but Hashem with his higher wisdom know what is best for us, even in this galus Hashem is doing only good to us, and all the hardships we pass suppose to make us stronger, we grow in a way we thought we couldn't anymore. And the feeling of overcoming it is amazing.
May we have our Rebbe back speedily :)

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