20 July, 2011


Today my kids woke up at 5:10am, now its 5:45am and the girls are on their high chair eating cereal and watching dvd, mendel is lying next to me and I can't go back to sleep. I was thinking how much my perspectives have changed since I had them, before 9am was sooo early and now if I will wake up at 8am one day would be like over sleeping. My bed time also changed, I used to do everything at night and going to bed before 1am was unthinkable, now at 10pm its already late.
I never thought I would get used to this, I can't say I love it, but I'm doing pretty good. When I decided to stop fighting the fact that I would have to change my schedule things got much easier.
Do you also had to change your bed/awake up time because of your kids? I would love to hear from other moms.

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